Blue Ridge Therapy Connection Activities

It’s that time of the year again; the residents of Blue Ridge picked the winning team for the Super Bowl. We had our own Super Bowl on Friday, February 3rd in our recreation room. The residents chose their teams, and we chose captains of the teams. Frances Roberson was the captain for the Atlanta Falcons and Linda Britt was the captain for the New England Patriots.  We had the floor of the recreation room marked out by yards and the team members picked from a basket how many yards their captains would move on the field. We also had penalties, loss yards and touchdowns in the basket.  Hazel Roop of the Patriots team pulled two touchdowns in a row. Nannie Biggs got the only touchdown for the Falcons. The score for our Super Bowl was 39 for the Patriots and 9 for the Falcons. Most of the time when we have this activity, our winner goes on to win the Super Bowl!

    The residents of Blue Ridge have been enjoying the warmer temperatures. We have been taking some of the residents out in the sunshine to get fresh air and some sun. They have been asking us to take them out for walk around the buildings and we all have been enjoying the sunshine. It’s hard to believe that it’s just February, and we are able to go outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures. We can only hope for an early Spring!

    It’s always hard to say goodbye to a coworker, but Jesse Cockram our Recreation Therapist left Blue Ridge to start a new career.  We wish him the best of luck and we will miss him! But, we have a new Recreation Therapist, Victoria Bennett from Patrick County that we are happy to have onboard in our activities department. We look forward to working with her and her new ideas for our residents!

    We are working on our March calendar. If you or your group would like to come and perform for our residents, please call Dee Dee Via, at 276-694-7161 ext. 1804. We would be happy to put you on our calendar!

Dee Dee Via
Activity Director