Blue Ridge Therapy Connection Activities

We have been working hard on our in-house vacation week. We will be starting our vacation on July 31st through August 4th. We have gotten our activities ready for this week of fun and laughter. We will be visiting the coast of Australia, The Great Barrier Reef, The Outback and the Rain Forest. The vacation will start as we visit Sydney and learn about the culture and the people of Australia.  Each day we will visit different places in Australia. The residents will get to do activities that go along with that area.  They will also try different foods and drinks from the Australian culture. It’s always fun to plan and bring our residents these types of activities.  We will also be getting our staff involved in the activities and we will be having special events for them too!

    This past week, our residents had a good time going out to the Dollar Tree. They got a lot of personal items, snacks, and fun items to have in their rooms. They also took a trip riding around the county just looking at the beautiful scenery. Our residents look forward to going on these trips. This week we will be going to Golden Corral, and next week to The Asian House in Mt. Airy. The Asian House has become one of their favorite places to eat. We are planning our bus trips for next month. The residents want to go to Stuart Family Restaurant, Golden Corral, Mabry Mill and Wal-Mart. We go on bus trips twice a week. We divide the bus trips into Around About and going out to eat, shopping or a special event in the community. We love getting the residents out into the community and they have a good time along with the staff members. During our trips we can find out a lot of information from our residents about their past life, what their favorite foods are and about their families.  

    The residents of Blue Ridge love to have visitors. We are always looking for new activities for our residents to enjoy. We would love to have you to come in and share your talent with us! If you would like to volunteer your time or talent, please give us a call at 276-694-7161 ext. 1804 we would love to put you on our calendar of events!

Dee Dee Via
Activity Director