Landmark Activities

My office is located next to the Memory Care Community entrance at The Landmark Center. Every day I hear the joy and laughter of those who call Memory Care home and the caring staff who provides for those folks daily. Often I can hear the laughter of Memory Care Coordinator, Jill Hairston, joining in! Often I tell Jill that they are “having too much fun.”  Monday, June 26, Memory care residents traveled to Eden, NC, for ice cream and on July 5, the destination was Mount Airy, NC, for fried chicken. On June 29 they celebrated National Hat Day by creating and wearing their handmade hats for a contest. Anna Epperson was awarded the grand prize for having the most creative hat; Helena Marsh and Annie Nolen won second and third place. Can’t wait to “hear” about all the fun in July!

    June 23, residents cooled off with ice cold watermelon in the Landmark Courtyard. On the 24th they were uplifted by song and word by James Setliff and on Sunday, June 25, residents and guests enjoyed strawberry shortcake. Monday morning, June 26, Charles Lawson and Fairystone Baptist Church led the residents in song and worship. In the afternoon residents were treated to “Sunshine Smoothies while relaxing in the courtyard.

    Residents traveled to a local restaurant for breakfast June 27 and on June 29 they ate lunch at the local Mexican restaurant. Tuesday evening, July 4, Landmark residents attended the fireworks at Dehart Park in Stuart and on Wednesday, July 6, the destination was Ridgeway for ice cream.

    On June 27, Landmark residents had a blast playing “Let’s Make a Deal.” If you have ever watched this game show you know the contestants must take a chance to win either a great prize or a dud. The prizes ranged from red, white, and blue hats to a rock! We all had a good time and most were happy with their winning prize.

    It was great to have volunteer, Bobby Nance, back and feeling better after being absent for a few weeks. Bobby has been a volunteer at The Landmark Center for nine years and residents and staff look forward to his weekly visits. Helen Cowley, also a longtime volunteer, leads the weekly Cooking Club each Wednesday. On June 28 we made tasty fried apple pies. Although this is not a new recipe, everyone loves to roll out the dough for the crust and add the fruit which becomes a delicious fried pie just like mamma used to make. The best part of this activity is when we taste the finished product; fried apple pies are the best.

    Jim and Ellen Saunders, volunteers for over ten years, lead the game, “Name That Tune,” Thursday, June 29. Ellen plays a tune on the piano and residents guess what song it is, Jim decides if the answer is correct and he then awards a prize to the resident. He and Ellen insert a certain amount of humor into the game and everyone has a fun time. Jim and Ellen, along with Daniel Quesenberry, also coordinate the Community Rook Tournament.  The next tournament will be August 3, 2017. If you would like to know more, contact Daniel at (276) 694-3050, ext. 4514.

    Local singer, Jackie Belcher, entertained the residents with beautiful Southern Gospel music on Friday morning, June 30. After lunch they celebrated National Ice Cream Soda Day with refreshing Coke Floats.

    A favorite volunteer, Pastor Dave Boarman, shared the gospel with Landmark residents Saturday morning, July 1, 2017. In the afternoon residents were blessed by a visit from Harvest Worship Center. We appreciate all the volunteers who share their time and talents with our residents of the Landmark Center. If you would like to become a volunteer please stop by Landmark and fill out an application or call (276) 694-3050, ext. 4514 for more information.

    Residents celebrated Independence Day with a fireworks word search puzzle and watermelon in the Courtyard. It is our prayer that each and every one had a happy and blessed Fourth of July!

    July blood pressure locations and times: July 13, Patrick County seniors at the Rotary Building in Stuart, 10:30-11:00 am. July 17, Lowe’s in Stuart, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

    The next Alzheimer’s Support Group Meeting will be held at The Landmark Center on July 25, 2017, at Noon. A light lunch will be served. For more information, contact The Landmark Center, (276) 694-3050, or Blue Ridge Therapy Connection (276) 694-7161. This program is sponsored by Southern Area Agency on Aging, The Landmark Center, and Blue Ridge Therapy Connection.

    Thank you to Tamesa  Williams for the donation of Jigsaw Puzzles to the Landmark residents.

    Residents and staff of the Landmark Center remind you that July 2, 2017, was the halfway point of 2017!

    Until next time, see you at Landmark!

Belle Pendleton
Recreation Coordinator