Blue Ridge Therapy Connection Activities

The residents have been very busy for the past week. We have started having a new activity for just our veterans. They will meet in our Recreation Room  once a month, to have refreshments, visit with one another, play games and have special speaker’s or entertainment. This month the VFW visited with our veterans giving them a plaque an American flag honoring them for their service. We would like to thank the VFW and Robert Forrest for their time and for the entertainment they provided during our Veterans meeting.

    Our residents have been having a good time going out on their bus trips. They had a good time going to the Cook Out in Mt. Airy for milkshakes, Golden Corral to eat and to WalMart shopping. We are already getting requests from the residents to where they want to go in October. Going on the bus trips are a way of getting some of our new residents to start coming out to other activities. We learn a lot about our residents on the trips by talking to them and they learn about us. You start building a relationship with the resident and they in turn will start coming out to other activities and meeting new residents.

    Fall being here, we are still taking the residents out on the patio for the fresh air, sunshine and just plain relaxation. Our days are numbered with this activity, so we are enjoying it while we can. Old man winter is just around the corner, and it will be awhile till we can go out and enjoy the warm days and sunshine. With winter and cooler days, the residents like to warm up with hot cider or hot chocolate. We are always thinking of new activities to have and sometimes our residents come up with them.

    We want to thank all our volunteers who come in and volunteer their time and talent. We can thank them, but I don’t know if they realize how much they do for our residents. They look forward to your visits, and sometimes, you are the only way we can get some of them out of their room, when we tell them who is coming to perform. Other volunteers, who help with activities, many times we can ask a resident to go to an activity and they will refuse. But when you ask they are ready to go! Each and every one of our volunteers are angels and we want to Thank you all for what you do!!

Dee Dee Via
Activity Director