Blue Ridge Therapy Connection Activities

With the warm temperatures, some of our residents have enjoyed going outside for fresh air this past week. We are glad we don’t have any snow or ice to deal with. We had to cancel a bus trip to Captain Tom’s Seafood in Martinsville due to the snow, but we got to go on our trip there this week.  Our resident really enjoyed their meal and some of them brought another plate back for their supper. Our Veteran’s has asked that Captain Tom’s be their bus trip for next month. They have also asked for a night time bus trip on the weekend to Golden Corral so they can get baby back ribs and steak. We will be having this trip when the weather gets warmer and we don’t have to worry about snow or cold temperatures. We also took the resident to the Asian House in Mt. Airy. It’s really surprising how many of our resident love Chinese food. This is one of their favorite places to eat. They really enjoy the buffet and trying different kinds of food. We have had some to try sushi!

     Since its winter, and this year we have had snow. We planned a week around “Let it Snow”. We have made snow globes; we have done experiments about making snow out of shaving cream, baking soda, corn starch and white hair conditioner. We founded that baking soda and shaving cream makes the best snow, by the way it feels. Also we planned a snowflake party which the residents got to have a snowball fight with marshmallows and they had snow cup cakes and punch for refreshments. Our resident had a fun time being able to throw snowballs (marshmallows) at one another and having a good laugh! Later in the week, we will have hot chocolate and cookies for a treat.

    We are working on our February calendar. We have many activities planned for our residents to enjoy. With February, the month of love, we have asked staff members to bring in their wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s and flower girl dresses to put on display in our recreation room for our residents to view. This will bring back memories of the won weddings, family members and their own children’s weddings. It will also show how fashion has changed through the years! We have also asked staff members to bring in a picture of their weddings to also display.

    We are looking forward to many new activities for our residents. We would love to put you or your group on our calendar. Please call Dee Dee Via, (276)-694-7161, ext. 1804.

Dee Dee Via
Activities Director