Blue Ridge Therapy Connection Activities

Our residents at Blue Ridge really got into the Super Bowl this year. This year as we always do, we have our own “Super Bowl” game in our recreation room. We mark off the field (Floor) and the residents divide up in teams. Each team has a “Captain” who moves on the field, and other team members draw the plays which they have to move.  This year team members for the Eagles won over the Patriots team with a score of 28 to 21. Many of the staff members and residents were Eagles fan and they were very happy they won! As they watched the “Super Bowl” on TV, they got really excited that their real team won again! They were served refreshments at both events, chips, dip, wraps and drinks. We all had a great time playing and watching this event.

    This week is a fun filled week for our residents. We will be celebrating Mardi Gras with foods from the Big Easy, and having our own party with beads and masks. We will be having our “Fashion Show” of wedding dresses to help celebrate the month of love!  Next we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with the crowning of our Valentine’s Day Kings and Queens from each floor. Each resident well receive a bag of Hershey Kisses for Valentine’s Day.  Our Kings will receive a box of chocolate candy and a crown. The ladies well receive a tiara, dozen silk roses and a box of chocolate.  At the end of the week, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with foods from Chinese and discovering what is the resident’s Chinese zodiac sign and eating with chop sticks.   

    We are looking forward to our Winter Olympics games. During the summer games, we had a good time playing all the different games. This time, they will be different games that we have come up with for them to play. We will be giving the winners medals and trophies just like in the summer Olympics. The residents will have an ending ceremony and refreshments after the week of games.  These games we have planned will have many of our residents in stitches laughing while they try to do the game. Many of residents are very competitive and they try very hard to win, but later, laugh and have a good time!

    We are starting to work on our March calendar. With this month being short, it will be here before we know it. We just keep thinking “Spring” is on the way, and we can get back outside on the patio!

Dee Dee Via
Activities Director